News Roundup for July 11, 2011

New evidence was released by prosecutors to bolster their position that members of the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia should not be granted bail. The evidence confirms the group’s plans to kidnap and even kill police officers and government officials if they attempted to arrest any of the militia’s members. It also includes a photographic inventory of the group’s arsenal of small arms and grenades and a white board detailing how the militia’s “security team” should deal with law enforcement officials.

A Boulder, Colo., woman has been charged with attempting to extort a Latino couple by threatening to turn them in to immigration authorities. Abigail Jane Suber allegedly told the couple that if they did not admit fault in a vehicle collision, which she was responsible for, and pay her $400, she would call immigration authorities on them. Suber has been charged with felony extortion.

Two California skinheads were sentenced to 15 years in prison for a violent home invasion. The pair, along with a third defendant, broke into the house of a female acquaintance, attempted to steal several pounds of marijuana as well as $7,000 that they mistakenly believed was in the house, and then beat the woman and her boyfriend. The drugs and money were to fund the activities of a local skinhead gang.

Michigan prosecutors are asking for a member of the Hutaree Militia to be hospitalized for drug treatment and therapy. Prosecutors say that the defendant, on trial with eight others for planning to kill police officers and set off an antigovernment uprising, suffers from delusions that prevent him from understanding the charges he faces.

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