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Neo-Nazi Teacher No Longer Employed by Central Arkansas High School

Philip Holthoff

An Arkansas school district has accepted the resignation of a high school social studies teacher whose online racist comments and history of neo-Nazi activism were disclosed last month by Hatewatch.

Philip Holthoff, 53, taught at Star City High School in central Arkansas until he resigned abruptly following an investigation of his white supremacist activities, district superintendent Richard Montgomery told KTHV-TV in Little Rock today.

The school district has said nothing else publicly about its investigation or the teacher’s termination, and Holthoff has not commented publicly. It’s highly likely that he resigned after learning he was about to be fired.

Holthoff was placed on administrative leave after Hatewatch reported on April 24 that the high school teacher – using the screen name “David_Lee_Saxon” – had posted more than 400 racist comments on the Stormfront site.

What’s more, Holthoff had a long pedigree in neo-Nazi circles and was a significant financial contributor – a “sustaining member” – of Stormfront, the largest hate site on the Internet whose extremist users have murdered nearly 100 people.

The Star City School District has not disclosed what kind of background check – if any – they performed before hiring Holthoff, whose racist activism goes back 35 years. Records show he joined the neo-Nazi National Alliance in May 1980 at the age of 19, where he was given membership number A3148. Records also show Holthoff joined National Vanguard in May 2005 as member #V0547, and he is listed as a “lifetime” member of White Revolution.

In the past decade, while teaching young people at Star City High, Holthoff authored more than 400 posts on Stormfront, frequently making crude, anti-black comments.

“I teach high school and you would be amazed at some of the wild rumors Negro students believe,” Holthoff wrote in 2008.

In a 2009 post, Holthoff wrote: “I teach social studies in a public high school and I am racially conscious!” Later, following up on that topic, he wrote: “You don’t know chaos until you have seen Negro students going wild in the halls after the [2008] election screaming: OBAMA…OBAMA!!!”

In a post last year, Holthoff described his high school’s commencement ceremonies and complained about “that odor” of African Americans. “Its [sic] graduation time. I always get a kick out of how white administrators beg and plead for people to behave during the ceremonies. Black parents are the worse. The entire race must have ADD. Halfway into the ceremony they scream, shout, blow air guns and dance in the aisle when their child’s name is called. And that odor get in your clothes to! [sic]”

He applauded the often-expressed racist fantasy of rounding up “race traitors after the revolution,” Hatewatch reported last month. Just earlier this year he expressed the hope that a “top secret group” of white supremacists would “bring to justice” those “traitors” who promote interracial activities like the Super Bowl.

Holthoff also sees a Jewish conspiracy in the making of teen idols and seems obsessed with pornography and interracial sex among teenagers.

On March 3, 2009, Holthoff responded to someone on Stormfront suggesting he was teaching neo-Nazi views in a public high school. “I teach an objective course on Hitler and National Socialism that dispels many myths the media teaches and people believe,” he wrote.

Stormfront post by Holthoff from May 2004

Earlier that year, two days after the first inauguration of President Obama, Holthoff expressed the view that “America's best days are behind her and the whole country is past the point of no return. We have a government that went to war to insure the territorial integrity of the borders of Kuwait but yet turns a blind eye to the daily invasion of our southern border.”

“Everywhere I go I see whites scurrying about in total ignorance of their impending own extinction,” Holthoff wrote. “Every TV show is filled with race mixing and anti-white stereotypes. Even Wal Mart, that temple of unbridled capitalist greed personified, features biracial children, with smiling white mothers in tow, on the packages of its baby diapers.”

The high school teacher said he supported the views of former Klansman and notorious anti-Semite David Duke, that the United States is “no longer our nation.”

“This whole Obama nation resembles nothing more than a carnival of the insane!” Holthoff wrote, urging others on Stormfront to “think in terms of alternative nationality” and be ready to build “something better out of its ashes.”

“Let us restore the true meaning of patriotism, which has always meant loyalty to a kindred, ethnic stock descended from a common source,” he wrote. “It is time to turn our backs on this modern day Babylon and quit riding the carnival of the insane. It is time to call forth the Ethno-State!”

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