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Hatewatch Headlines 6/11/15

Think Progress: Meet the doctor who social conservatives depend upon to justify anti-transgender hate.

AlterNet: Six ways that white supremacy takes a toll on the mental health of black people.

Washington Post: Meth, torture, and the grip of the Aryan Brotherhood.

Raw Story: Far-right Arizona pastor prays for God to rip out Caitlin Jenner’s heart, saying he ‘hates’ her.

Media Matters: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly wonders: ‘Is there going to be a war between the police and minorities in America?’

Right Wing Watch: Promise Keepers website draws battle lines, demands ‘no compromise’ on same-sex marriage.

Salon: NPR’s Diane Rehm makes massive ‘oops’ by asking Bernie Sanders about anti-Semitic citizenship hoax.

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