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Hatewatch Headlines 11/11/2016

Hate crimes hit the day after election; Alt-Right eyes official Trump positions; O’Reilly warns of ‘civil war’; and more.

NBC New York: ‘Rash of hate crimes’ around the country reported the day after Trump is elected.

Washington Post: The Alt-Right supported Donald Trump, and now it wants him to satisfy their demands.

Talking Points Memo: Trump’s white nationalist backers train their eyes on elected office, administration posts.

Right Wing Watch: League of the South hails Trump, wants ‘no mercy’ towards ‘Jews, minorities, and anti-white whites.’

Access ADL: Militia extremists react to Trump victory with celebration – and anger at protesters.

Media Matters: Bill O’Reilly claims anti-Trump protests are a sign ‘there’s a civil war brewing.’

Think Progress: Anti-LGBT groups are positively giddy about a Trump presidency.

BuzzFeed: Alt-Right trolls are already emboldened by Trump’s victory.

Raw Story: Trump fans film themselves driving through women’s college and harassing black students.

Crooks and Liars: Students proudly shout ‘white power’ while marching with Trump signs at Pennsylvania school.

Lehigh Valley News (Easton, PA): Black high school students subjected to yells of ‘cotton picker’ and ‘Heil Hitler.’

The News Observer (Raleigh, NC): Ku Klux Klan group announces ‘victory parade’ to celebrate Trump election.

Accidental Bear: Starbucks joins program to offer safe haven to LGBT people from hate crimes.

Salon: North Carolina voted against its anti-LGBT ‘bathroom’ law on Tuesday, but it probably won’t matter.

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