Hatewatch Headlines 1/4/2017

How social media changed everything; Kobach might get ‘immigration czar’ post; Sovereign citizens create Florida mess; and more.

Vox: 2016 was the year social media changed everything -- by giving a platform for the rise of right-wing extremism.

McClatchy D.C.: How Trump could get around the Senate and hand Kris Kobach a key job as ‘immigration czar.’

The New York Times: Dylann Roof rejects the best defense against his own execution in Charleston mass-murder trial.

Tampa Bay Times (FL): Pinellas County legal officials roiled by false documents from antigovernment sovereign citizens.

Think Progress: Anti-choice activists in Oklahoma have a new tactic to spread outright lies about abortion.

Raw Story: Anti-abortion activist arrested for making terrorist bomb threat against Planned Parenthood of St. Louis.

Right Wing Watch: Phony ‘ex-terrorist’ claims Democrats are plotting to let Islamic terrorists take over America.

Washington Post: In battle over proposed Prince William County mosque, some see Islamophobia at work.

WCPO-TV (Cincinnati, OH): Hebrew Union College sign vandalized with swastika.

Vocativ: KKK lawyer represents Georgia police officer in Confederate flag firing case.

The Oregonian: Malheur standoff defendant Jon Ritzheimer now tries to withdraw his guilty plea.

Media Matters: Writer Lindy West leaves Twitter: ‘Get back to me when your website isn’t a roiling rat-king of Nazis.’

The Economist: The American far right’s twisted new fascination with Europe’s Middle Ages.