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Hatewatch Headlines 9/22/2017

Border crossings decline, yet border deaths persist; ‘Free speech week’ will be costly; Coulter sees ‘death squads’ as a solution; and more.

ProPublica: Why do border deaths persist when the number of border crossings is falling?

Mother Jones: Security for the alt-right’s ‘Free Speech Week’ will cost UC Berkeley more than $1 million.

Right Wing Watch: Ann Coulter thinks solution to immigration might be ‘death squads for the people who ruined America’.

The Blade (Toledo, OH): State agencies refuse to release records related to murderous car crash in Charlottesville.

Slate: Marriott refuses to cancel Virginia conference booked by anti-Muslim hate group.

Raw Story: All hell breaks loose at Michigan racism protest after white man shouts ‘shut the f--- up, n----.’

Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Judge dismisses lawsuit by Minnesota wedding videographers who sued to refuse same-sex customers.

Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting: Hate grows in Kentucky, but it doesn’t stop at its borders.

Newsweek: On Rosh Hashanah, synagogues strive to ‘worship without being in fear’ amid rising anti-Semitism.

BuzzFeed: Alt-righters publish big database of supposed ‘antifa’ names that were mostly collected from anti-Trump petitions.

Oregonian: Oregon lawmakers demand investigation, apology over mistaken ICE stop of Latino worker.

Rewire: Ohio Republicans aim to make providing abortion care a case of aggravated murder.

KATU-TV (Portland, OR): White nationalist ‘True Cascadia’ posters plastered around Grants Pass.

The Stranger: Seattle’s ‘Nazi ceramicist’ Charles Krafft is in the news yet again, thanks to undercover report.

Media Matters: Anti-abortion violence and harassment was already bad, but right-wing media is making it worse.

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