Hatewatch Headlines 12/7/2017

Far-right trolls use Twitter to silence journalists; Meet the ADF and its agenda; Perkins asks Christians to reconsider going to gay weddings; and more.

Media Matters: Far-right trolls are manipulating Twitter into silencing journalists and Trump critics.

The Advocate: Meet the hate group using cake to push legalized gay discrimination, trans sterilization.

Raw Story: Trump administration twists anti-discrimination law to argue that the KKK is a protected class.

The New Statesman (UK): How the paranoia of white-identity politics helped fuel Trump’s rise.

Slate: Understanding the Roy Moore spokeswoman who told a pregnant CNN host Doug Jones backed killing unborn babies like hers.

Right Wing Watch: Tony Perkins asks Christians to consider ‘Biblical truth’ before attending gay people’s weddings.

Oregonian: Prominent Eugene cannabis-testing lab owner steps down amid allegations of white-nationalist activism.

The Triad City Beat (Winston-Salem, NC): Meet Harold Ray Crews, the main-street white nationalist with the League of the South.

Salon: ‘The Color Purple’ is banned in Texas prisons, but ‘Mein Kampf’ is not.

Patheos: Oklahoma pastor busted running prostitution ring with HIV-positive white-supremacist hooker.

WBAL-TV (Baltimore, MD): ‘I don’t like men,’ says lawmaker who suggests Democrat who touched him might be gay.

San Antonio Express-News (TX): Texas State University police catch likely culprits behind white-nationalist banners.

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