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How about some white nationalism with your morning jolt of coffee?

A boutique coffee company is selling beans, coffee pots and grinders with a twist — buyers can donate five percent of their purchase to one of several neo-Nazi and white nationalist causes of their choice.

Rising Sun Coffee, a regular advertiser on the podcast “The Daily Shoah,” makes no secret of its leanings. On the “about donations” page, Rising Sun says a piece of the purchase price “is donated directly to the /ourguys/ fund of your choice.”

“We are very proud of the products we offer, but we are even more proud to be a part of an exciting movement which is rising to greater heights every day: the movement to preserve and protect European identity and heritage against the many external and internal threats that we face,” the company says on its website.

The coffee company, which says it accepts PayPal and bitcoin, is another fundraising outlet for white supremacists groups, which have been booted from PayPal, Amazon Smile and other more traditional fundraising outlets in recent months.

The company does not list a phone number or physical address on its website. The site’s url is hidden behind a privacy shield and it is unclear where it is located.

Questions sent by the Southern Poverty Law Center to a contact email address were not immediately answered.

Currently, buyers have the option to donate to the Daily Stormer Legal Defense Fund, to assist Andrew Anglin in a lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Suidlanders, a South African group that predicts the end of civilization in a violent revolution, the white nationalist Identity Evropa, Fash The Nation, a weekly alt-right podcast and The Right

Donors can also choose the Cantwell Legal Defense Fund, which raises money for the “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell, who faces charges stemming from the deadly “Unite The Right” Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August.

In this case, instead of just straight fundraising, a backer can get coffee, too.

The company sells “Erika Medium Roast,” which it describes as “very versatile single-origin coffee, roasted to Full City.” The packaging shows the picture of a blonde-haired girl standing in a field.

The other blend it sells is “Hindenburg Dark Roast,” which it bills “as dark as (((betrayal)))” over a photo of famous airship bursting into flames and crashing, a disaster which killed 36 people in 1937.

The alt-right fundraising coffee company shares a name with Rising Sun Coffee of Morganton, North Carolina, but the two do not appear to be affiliated.

And, no, despite the Aryan leanings, the racist “alt-right” Rising Sun doesn’t sell blonde roast coffee.

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