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Hatewatch Headlines 1/12/2018

Trump derides immigrants from ‘shithole’ nations; Arpaio courts Infowars in Senate bid; Pennsylvania white nationalist has eye on House seat; and more.

Washington Post: Trump derides protections for immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries.

Think Progress: After Thursday’s remarks, these journalists finally called Trump a racist.

Media Matters: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, predictably, defended Trump’s remarks.

New York Times: ‘The lowest white man.’

AlterNet: Trump’s bigotry has inspired a new push to close Guantanamo, 16 years after its opening. In Trump era, ‘both sides’ on immigration includes white nationalists.

Right Wing Watch: Joe Arpaio courts Infowars in his run for the Senate in Arizona.

NPR: ‘Deport them’: Arpaio departs from Trump on his preferred solution for ‘Dreamers.’

Newsweek: Cliven Bundy’s mistrial magnifies the status of Nevada rancher among the far-right militia movement.

The Root: Meet the avowed white nationalist running for Congress from Pennsylvania.

Huffington Post: There’s a good reason feds don’t call white guys terrorists, explains DOJ domestic-terror chief.

Arizona Capitol Times: Pair of lawmakers at odds over display of Confederate flag on laptop.

Knoxville News (TN): Pilot Flying J ex-president heard on secret recordings using racial epithets.

CBS 4 (Denver, CO): Accused Walmart shooter claims, ‘I’m not prejudiced against Hispanics’ – but neighbors are skeptical.

Associated Press: Legislation would let Virginia municipalities remove their Confederate monuments.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Police say gas station clerk was beaten by slur-hurling white couple for allegedly ogling woman.

Helena Independent-Record (MT): White supremacist who tried to recruit minorities to the KKK runs for Montana House – as a Democrat. No, federal agents did not raid a mosque near Dearborn, Michigan.

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