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Hatewatch Headlines 2/12/2018

A list of white-supremacist candidates; Google autocomplete suggestions still vile; Cliven Bundy sets his sights on ‘constitutionalist’ agenda; and more.

Huffington Post: All the white supremacists running for office in 2018.

Wired: Google’s autocomplete function still coming up with vile, extremist suggestions.

New York Times: Facial recognition technology is now accurate, but only if you’re a white guy.

Washington Post: White House’s weekly ‘immigrant crime’ tally includes non-crimes and non-immigrants.

Think Progress: Cliven Bundy has set his sights on a new target – spreading the ‘constitutionalist’ agenda.

Oregonian: Trump nominee for federal Court of Appeals voiced hostility to ‘race-focused groups’ in college papers.

Splinter: America, where the police team up with neo-Nazis, as they did in Sacramento.

Times Free-Press (Chattanooga, TN): White supremacists next door: Wotans Nation plans Meigs County community.

Media Matters: Alex Jones blamed the Finsbury Park attack on Muslims, but it was actually inspired by one of his regulars.

Boston Globe: Spurned in Milton, a race-baiting troll has found acceptance inside Trump’s D.C.

Sacramento Bee (CA): Cal-Davis radio station catches flak for interview with alt-right founder Spencer.

Right Wing Watch: New ‘ex-gay’ movie compares conversion therapy advocates to enslaved ancient Jews.

News & Observer (Raleigh, NC): Conservative Christian lobbyist fears Amazon would try to make NC more LGBT-friendly.

AlterNet: A scholar is fired for telling the truth about white supremacy and gun violence.

Salon: Fake history has powered the rise of the right, and it’s time for the left to fight back with the real stuff.

CNN: GOP candidate defends sharing tweet that called for ban on mosques: ‘So what?’

Raw Story: Bronx middle-school teacher being investigated for banning Black History Month lessons.

The Guardian (UK): Web giant Cloudflare stores its extreme neo-Nazi content on British soil.

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