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Hatewatch Headlines 2/19/2018

Trump’s conflations hurt ability to face threats; Shooter linked to bigoted comments; What’s change since Charlottesville; and more.

ReWire: Trump administration keeps conflating immigration with terrorism, at the expense of domestic threats.

New York Times: Mass shooters are all different, except for one thing: They’re all men.

CNN: Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz made antisemitic, racist comments in private chat group.

AlterNet: Trump actually slashed funding to combat white-supremacist violence prior to Florida school shooting.

The Guardian (UK): America’s dark underbelly: I watched the rise of white nationalism.

ABC News: What has changed in the six months since the Charlottesville rally.

Counter Extremism Project: Don’t call us Nazis, we just take their money.

Inquisitr: Reddit’s ‘The_Donald’ was one of the biggest havens for Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. Keeping a closer eye on content is going to cost Alphabet and its YouTube dearly.

Good: Here’s a list of politicians with white-supremacist ties currently running for Congress.

BuzzFeed: Twitter trolls post photos of old assaults on whites claiming to be from screenings of ‘Black Panther.’

Washington Post: New report examines fresh spate of ugly hate incidents at U.S. schools.

Oregonian: Oregon State students vote to oust grad-student rep accused of hate crime in a landslide.

Co.Design: How ProPublica and its investigative algorithms became Big Tech’s scariest watchdog.

Think Progress: Why is this prominent Russia ‘expert’ writing for a bigoted anti-Semitic outlet?

Huffington Post: The anti-Semitic spokesman for white nationalist candidate Paul Nehlen grew up Jewish.

WHYY-TV (Philadelphia, PA): Open letter stirs controversy for blasting ‘believe the victim’ approach to campus sex assaults.

Share Blue: Texas GOP congressman Roger Williams ‘grateful’ for award from anti-LGBT hate group.

The Georgetown Voice (Washington, DC): Anti-LGBT campus group claims that university misallocated donations.

Media Matters: Chronicle of a white supremacist PR crisis and the making of a hoax.

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