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Hatewatch Headlines 3/5/2018

YouTube’s crackdown on conspiracists stirs pushback; EU warns internet companies; Florida teacher has a white-nationalist podcast; and more.

New York Times: YouTube cracks down on far-right videos as conspiracy theories spread.

The Guardian: Why the alt-right is accusing Big Tech of a ‘political hit job’ and censorship in crackdown.

Wired: So far, YouTube’s content moderation is mostly an inconsistent mess.

CNN: Advertisers flee Infowars founder Alex Jones’ popular YouTube channel amid crackdown.

Futurism: EU to Internet companies: You have three months to get rid of extremist content.

Miami Herald: Florida elementary-school teacher with white-nationalist podcast on the side removed from classroom.

Washington Post: Trump appointed man to key crime post who said he believes blacks, Hispanics more violent.

Think Progress: Far-right extremists are quietly murdering police officers.

Reveal News: Gaming app Steam has 173 groups that glorify school mass shooters.

PC Games: Computer game Rainbow Six Siege will start handing out bans for in-game hate speech next week.

Media Matters: Alliance Defending Freedom is working to keep LGBT people from adopting children.

Knoxville News (TN): Crossville, TN, elementary school murals modified to remove Confederate flags, lynching.

Boston Globe: Trooper involved in shooting has a history of posting racially inflammatory material.

USA Today: Who are the ‘Three Percenters,’ and what does the gun-toting group want?

News-Leader (Staunton, VA): Militia group cancels protest of Verona business amid concerns about violence.

Jewish Journal: ADL tears into women’s march leaders for attending speech by Louis Farrakhan.

Detroit Metro Times: Richard Spencer’s lawyer Kyle Bristow says he wants to dissociate himself from alt-right now.

Washington Examiner: Rep. Dave Brat blames staffer for retweet of alt-right post attacking Florida teen survivor.

CBS News: Man in Overland Park, KS, restaurant spits on black child, calls him a racial slur.

KUOW-FM (Seattle): The covert white-supremacist group lurking in Washington state’s backwoods.

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