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Hatewatch Headlines 5/16/2018

Trump tweets correlate with hate crimes spike; Police mislabeling anti-LGBT crimes; ICE sending kids seeking asylum to adult centers; and more.

Daily Beast: Hate crimes spiked after Trump’s anti-Muslim tweets, study finds.

ProPublica: Police around the nation are mislabeling anti-LGBT hate crimes as ‘anti-heterosexual.’

Reveal News: Here’s how ICE sent children seeking asylum to adult detention centers.

Mother Jones: Lou Barletta was Trump before Trump on immigration, and he just won the PA Senate nomination.

Associated Press: The racist alt-right movement is reeling from a string of legal and financial setbacks.

Raw Story: Jason Kessler complains that nobody wants to return to ‘Unite the Right’ reunion rally because they ‘suffered.’

Media Matters: Infowars’ attempts to hijack and exploit ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theories is backfiring.

Think Progress: Alex Jones-backed conspiracy theorist vying for Idaho congressional seat.

Right Wing Watch: Scott Lively wants to be the champion of ‘authentic conservative homosexual’ voters.

Al Jazeera: Ex-FBI agent caught on video teaching Islamophobic nonsense to Texas law enforcement.

Human Rights Campaign: The real Mike Pence: A lifelong record of attacks on the LGBT community.

Los Angeles Times: Politicians who sparked anti-‘sanctuary state’ wave in California to meet with Trump.

Raw Story: Oklahoma GOP candidate proposes euthanasia for disabled and poor to avoid food stamps.

Rolling Stone: How a college professor joined the ranks of the radical-left ‘antifa’ in California, and now faces criminal trial.

Splinter: A Georgia Republican is driving a ‘deportation bus’ plastered with hateful slogans around to win votes.

Vice: A far-right militia in Alberta tried to open a chain of addiction recovery homes.

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