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Hatewatch Headlines 8/8/2018

How Trump radicalized ICE; Half of Republicans like idea of Trump closing media; Kids learning Islamophobia through their textbooks; and more.

The Atlantic: How Donald Trump radicalized ICE.

NBC News: Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants.

The Hill: Poll finds nearly half of Republicans think Trump should have authority to shutter media outlets.

Huffington Post: American kids are learning Islamophobia from their high-school textbooks.

Think Progress: This judge is so anti-immigrant, even the Trump administration wants him to chill.

Right Wing Watch: At Portland rally, far-right extremists mingle with mainstay MAGA fans.

Portland Mercury (OR): Portland police chief says charges of bias in handling far-right protests are ‘ridiculous.’

Washington Post: White nationalists are coming to D.C. Here’s the best way to protest.

Courthouse News: Judge rules white nationalist accused in Charlottesville case can’t hide identity.

Daily Beast: How an alt-right troll named Garrett Yrigoyen won 'The Bachelorette.' 

Media Matters: On Fox News, Kansas’ gubernatorial candidate Kobach lies about his failed voter-fraud commission.

Associated Press: Can justice be blind at a courthouse with a Confederate monument?

Talking Points Memo: Kansas man who murdered Indian engineer in hate crime gets three life sentences.

Gothamist (New York): New video gives a closer look at white supremacists who held a rally in Fort Tyron Park.

Vice: Patriot Prayer is trying to drag the left into an unwinnable public-relations war.

The Stranger (Seattle): Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys are planning an Aug. 18 rally in Seattle.

Modesto Bee (CA): Sikh man beaten, told to ‘go back to your country,’ in Keyes; hate crime investigated.

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