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Hatewatch Headlines 9/25/2018

Wisconsin ICE raids target homes, businesses; Charlottesville forced Reddit to change; Soros is an unhealthy obsession among Texas pols; and more.

Journal-Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI): Heavily armed raids by ICE agents in rural Wisconsin towns target homes and businesses.

ProPublica: ‘Humanitarian crisis’ looms as Arizona threatens to revoke license for immigrant child shelters.

Guardian: How Charlottesville forced Reddit to clean up its act regarding white supremacists.

Texas Observer: Republican politicians’ obsession with George Soros is kind of weird and kind of dangerous.

Media Matters: Far-right conspiracist sites falsely connect Christine Blasey Ford to a so-called ‘abortion pill.’

Dallas Morning News: About-face in Farmersville as sentiments shift in favor of new Muslim cemetery in rural town.

Think Progress: Two federal judges rule insurance companies must cover transgender health procedures.

Associated Press: 3-D gun advocate Cody Wilson, ex-fugitive accused of sex with minor, now free on bond.

Right Wing Watch: ‘Activist Mommy’ tells Values Voters ‘conservatives have been playing much too nice with these degenerates.’

Politico: Florida’s DeSantis, frustrated over racial controversies, claims opponent has ‘anti-Semites around him.’

The Grio: Judge resigns after video shows him chasing down and grabbing a black woman by the neck.

WUSA-9 TV (Washington, DC): Logan Circle jogger’s murder may have been racially motivated, police say.

Reveal News: Woman fakes Trump-driven hate crime, but plenty of real ones exist.

Mercury-News (San Jose, CA): Man arrested in East Bay with nail-filled explosive containing Nazi symbol.

Contemptor: Oregon man charged with threatening YouTube employees promoted QAnon, other conspiracy theories.

Vice: A bunch of chain-wielding thugs attacked an Italian lawmaker after an anti-racism rally.

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