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Hatewatch Headlines 10/22/2018

Trump may try to define ‘transgender’ away; NYC mayor defends police behavior; Miami GOP chair apologizes for attack on Dem office; and more.

New York Times: ‘Transgender’ could be defined out of existence under the Trump administration.

New York Daily News: Mayor DeBlasio says there’s no evidence NYPD is sympathetic to Proud Boys.

National Review: Gavin McInnes and the poisonous violence of the Proud Boys’ worldview.

The Hill: Proud Boys among Nancy Pelosi’s hecklers at campaign event in Florida.

Miami Herald: Miami-Dade GOP chair apologizes for teaming up with Proud boys to attack Dem HQ.

NewsOne: New York state senator Marty Golden reportedly has an open white supremacist on his staff.

Newser: Former Vermont black lawmaker details how white-supremacist death threats led to her quitting.

Splinter: There’s a group of activists waging a war to make the far right go broke – and slowly succeeding.

Mic: Trump administration to tighten ‘religious liberty’ rules on birth control, LGBT discrimination.

Think Progress: Trump voters fervently believe men and Christians experience greater amounts of discrimination.

LA Progressive: Frank Gaffney is leading a congregation of bigoted cretins endorsed by the Pentagon.

Huffington Post: Rep. Steve King goes full white nationalist in interview with Austrian site.

DesmogBlog: Congressman Clay Higgins asks gas industry to join him as ‘III Percenter’ and ‘warrior.’

Bleeding Cool: Marvel Comics challenges ‘III Percenter’ group’s use of ‘Punisher’ logos for their own gear.

Washington Post: Florida official indicted on murder charge in shooting of black man he suspected of shoplifting.

The Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO): Army vet says he hates ‘all brown people,’ threatens to kill Uber driver.

Times-Picayune (New Orleans): Man pleads guilty to shooting three black men in post-Katrina chaos as a hate crime.

Baltimore Sun: Hate in Maryland: From taunts to stabbing and swastikas, bias reports up sharply in state.

New York Times: Geneticists criticize use of science by white nationalists to justify ‘racial purity.’

Oregonian: Former Oregon pot-lab owner, with aid of white nationalist lawyer, sues antifascists for defamation.

Bradenton Herald (AL): Alabama to vote on amendment to allow display of Ten Commandments.

Democrat-Chronicle (Rochester, NY): Brighton police, schools investigate 'white student union' social-media account.

WCVB-TV: Sen. Warren accuses opponent of attending event organized by hate group ACT for America.

Haaretz: The antisemitic body spreading fliers blaming Jews for the Kavanaugh allegations.

Ability: Disability hate crimes rising astronomically in England, study finds.

Guardian: More than a provocateur: Why Gavin McInnes should not be allowed into Australia.

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