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Hatewatch Headlines 11/2/2018

Trump’s immigration ad is flat-out racist; tech firms needs to take online hate seriously; funding for anti-extremism work is cut; and more.

Media Matters: Don’t water down the racism in Trump’s immigration ad by calling it ‘racially charged’.

AlterNet: Ex-Florida GOP chief rips ‘despicable’ Trump ad, ‘part of your bigoted legacy.’

CNN: Online hate is a deadly threat. When will tech companies finally take it seriously?

PBS: Is the U.S. doing enough to fight anti-Semitism?

Think Progress: Trump administration decides to stop funding efforts to counter far-right extremism.

Daily Beast: Homeland Security ignores white terrorism, DHS veterans say.

Slate: The FBI and DOJ have tracked hate crimes for decades now, but they fail to get the full picture.

Washington Post: ‘Saviors of the white race’: Hate-crime perpetrators see themselves as heroes, experts say.

Pacific Standard: Why do we expect victims of racism to forgive?

Salon: Six ways white nationalists have amped up the hate ahead of the midterm elections.

The Trace: Hate-crimes expert fears that shootings like Pittsburgh could become more common.

USA Today: Feds confirm they are investigating Kentucky Kroger shootings as a race-based hate crime.

New York Times: You don’t need to go to the ‘Dark Web’ to find hateful conspiracy theories.

Hollywood Reporter: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg pledges to spend more in war on hate speech.

Talking Points Memo: Ferguson protester believes her son was lynched in retaliation for her activism.

Seattle Times: Spokane’s Matt Shea defends ‘Holy Army’ plan as sheriff refers his writings to the FBI.

Los Angeles Times: Veteran featured in GOP candidate’s ads posted racist and violent threats on Facebook.

Right Wing Watch: Larry Klayman thinks MAGA bomber was probably ‘paid off by the Democrats.’

Raw Story: Army quickly bans white Minnesota teens who posed in KKK hoods and blackface.

Independent Record (Helena, MT): White nationalist group’s attempts to recruit in Helena are quickly shut down.

New Haven Register (CN): State police officer tells black candidate she needs permit to campaign.

Texas Observer: Harris County clerk scrubs Soros conspiracies from site; will other GOP leaders follow suit?

Willamette Week: Here’s what happened the night Mulugeta Seraw was murdered in 1988, and afterward.

Coloradoan: Twenty years after Matthew Shepard’s death, many states still lack LGBT hate-crime protections.

Vice: ‘American History X’ premiered 20 years ago, but it’s become more relevant than ever.

New York Times: The neuroscience of hate speech: Humans easily influenced by the anger and rage everywhere.

National Observer (Vancouver, BC): Munk Debates: Cancelling Steve Bannon isn’t censorship.

The Guardian: I live among the neo-Nazis in eastern Europe. It’s terrifying.

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