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Hatewatch Headlines 11/27/2018

Right wing violence on the rise in the US; Stormer got its start with a little help from dad; McInnes’ disavowals won’t end Proud Boys’ appeal; and more.

CNN: America’s state of hate: Where in 2008 there was hope, in 2018 there is hurt.

Washington Post: In the United States, right wing violence is on the rise.

Think Progress: Research predicted this wave of right wing domestic terrorism, but Republicans tanked the report.

Mother Jones: Why the government should fund research on incel culture, a ‘new and emerging threat.’

BuzzFeed: The unsatisfying truth about hateful online rhetoric and violence.

Los Angeles Times: What did it take to launch the internet’s most notorious neo-Nazi site? A little help from dad.

Haaretz: Even after the FBI declared his Proud Boys extremists, Gavin McInnes’ ‘hip’ fascism retains its toxic appeal.

Daily Beast: Transgender woman was beaten in ICE custody before she died, autopsy finds.

Right Wing Watch: Far right Catholic group decries ‘mania for diversity’ and ‘acceptance of Islam.’

The Intercept: Inside the Wild West world of gift card bitcoin brokering.

Media Matters: Here’s what media should know about the extreme ‘heartbeat bill’ passed by the Ohio House.

Sludge: Charles Koch is funding right wing, pro-Trump media, new disclosure reveals.

Motherboard: Misogynists are threatening to report sex workers to the IRS in #ThotAudit.

The Student Newspaper: Ecofascism, a new neo-Nazi movement on the Web, peddles the #TreesNotRefugees hashtag.

Daily Kos: Major Pizzagate and QAnon conspiracy-theory peddler Liz Crokin banned from Twitter.

Kirkland Reporter (WA): Issaquah company now hosts Gab, the social media favorite of the alt-right.

The Chronicle (Durham, NC): Hate on the Duke campus is part of a broader national trend, SPLC explains.

KCAL-TV (Los Angeles): Hate crime caught on video: Driver targets pedestrians in Jewish neighborhood.

Raw Story: Salvation Army bell-ringers booted from Walmart after being outed as white supremacists. After midterm count fiascoes, will Alabama finally reform the way citizens vote?

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