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Hatewatch Headlines 11/28/2018

Facebook discrimination review still a mystery; Neuroscience explains bigotry’s persistence; Proud Boys' new rules including less fighting; and more.

Mother Jones: Facebook promised to review discrimination on its platform. Why won’t it release the results?

New Republic: The pathology of prejudice: Neuroscience is telling us new things about the persistence of hatred.

Daily Beast: Proud Boys announce new rules under new leadership: Less fighting, less wanking.

Right Wing Watch: Gavin McInnes may have abandoned the Proud Boys, but it’s too late to matter.

ABC News: Man who drove car at synagogue-goers was shouting ‘hateful remarks regarding Jewish heritage.’

Bustle: Right-wing extremism has grown significantly under Trump, new study finds.

KHQ-TV (Spokane, WA): Lt. governor announces Rep. Matt Shea has been removed from GOP House leadership spot.

Think Progress: Antisemite who is too antisemitic for an antisemite safe space is still on YouTube.

Raw Story: White nationalists admit it’s time to move on from the president they once Sieg Heiled.

Media Matters: Fox and MSNBC give murder of black man at Alabama mall scant coverage compared to CNN.

Seattle Times (WA): Antisemitic graffiti vandals target Jewish family’s West Seattle home.

MassLive: Massachusetts will create a website to track hate crimes in the state.

Washington Post: A racist post about Florida State coach Willie Taggart prompts outrage, a firing and an investigation.

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