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A mother is trying to understand how the sensitive child she raised has become a hateful neo-Nazi.

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Buju Banton’s smash hit is only one of many Jamaican tracks that target gays for extreme verbal violence. Here are the complete lyrics of Banton’s "Boom Bye Bye," both in the original Jamaican patois and in English.

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The white leaders of the anti-gay, evangelical right are well known — James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Lou Sheldon and many others who are virtually household names in America. But black churchmen who have joined the historically white-dominated Christian Right movement against homosexuality and homosexuals are far less familiar to the general public.

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A mix of 'left' and 'right' sites have sprung up on the World Wide Web in recent years. Many of them have strong neofascist overtones.

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Spring Issue

Christian Picciolini was one of the first on America’s racist skinhead scene. But now he’s singing a different tune.


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