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Southern Poverty Law Center is an official supporter of the Women’s March on Washington

The day after the presidential inauguration, thousands are expected to converge on the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington.

As an official partner of the march, the Southern Poverty Law Center stands in solidarity with its organizers’ vision — that “women’s rights are human rights” — and with the march’s mission to bring together communities “insulted, demonized and threatened by the rhetoric of the past election cycle.”

The SPLC is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Through our core issues, we work to protect the rights of the working poor, LGBT, and undocumented immigrant women whom the Women’s March on Washington seeks to unite.

We join the march’s organizers in encouraging all defenders of human rights to participate in the Women’s March on Washington on January 21.

Event Details

When and where will the march take place?

The march will be held on January 21, beginning at 10 am. Participants will gather at the intersection of Independence Ave. and Third St. SW. For security reasons, information about the route has not been released.

Who can take part?

People of all gender identities are welcome to participate in the march, as are children. Qualified ASL interpreters will be on site for deaf participants, and there will be an area with seating to accommodate people with disabilities, elderly people, and pregnant women.

How do I get there?

Local organizing groups in each state are coordinating buses, with information available online. Most states have organizers that can answer questions and facilitate group travel via buses or carpools. Skedaddle and are two other online forums helping people get to the march.

Where can I stay?

Hotels in D.C. are largely booked, but there are still vacancies a few miles away in Northern Virginia. Expedia, Airbnb, and are useful forums for finding vacancies.

What do I wear?

It’s likely going to be cold and crowded, so organizers recommend dressing in layers and wearing comfortable walking shoes. Information about what size bag (if any) participants may bring is not yet available.

What if I can’t go?

Donating money or buying merchandise will help meet organizers’ goal of raising $2 million to pay for the march.

Sister marches will also take place in every state, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Thirty-three countries will also host solidarity marches. Links to information on sister marches is available here.

Print out posters for the march! 

The SPLC has designed a handful of posters available to download below. Help represent SPLC at the Women's March on Washington.