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SPLC statement on arming teachers with guns

We have lost far too many children and educators to massacres in our nation’s schools. In the aftermath of the latest tragedy in Parkland, Florida, lawmakers across the country have recognized that it is time to act on school safety.

Some elected officials are proposing common-sense solutions to create safe and supportive school environments. But in multiple Southern states, spurred on by the most toxic voices of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and President Trump, legislators are recommending a misguided and harmful approach that would turn teachers into police forces by allowing or asking them to carry guns.

Having teachers bring firearms into their schools would make classrooms more dangerous, and would increase the chance of more innocent lives being lost.

There are many steps we must take to make our schools safer and stronger, but putting guns into classrooms is not a serious – or safe – solution.  Our children deserve better. 

Learn more about how the SPLC works to support safe and welcoming school environments where teachers have sufficient resources, dedicated school support staff and administrators, and the tools they need to educate all students here.