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It's time to fight the battle for justice on more fronts

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court is a devastating blow to the values you and I share.

But the sad truth is that Kavanaugh's just the tip of the iceberg. 

For nearly two years, Trump has been stacking the federal judiciary with highly partisan judges like Kavanaugh who threaten the rights of marginalized and vulnerable people in our country.

Clearly, we can't give up on the courts. We have to speak truth to power and represent those who have no other champions. But, now more than ever, we have to fight the battle for justice on multiple fronts.

This is why we're launching SPLC Action. 

The reason is simple. Our current tax status limits our ability to lobby and to speak out against candidates with ties to the radical right. SPLC Action, however, will give us greater flexibility to make our voices heard in the electoral process, to engage in critical legislative battles, and to support important ballot initiatives.

Rest assured that we'll continue fighting hate groups, teaching tolerance to the next generation, and representing the victims of bigotry and injustice. Indeed, we'll be redoubling our efforts in the coming year.

But we have to adapt to the Trump era — because the very foundations of our democracy are being tested by the forces of far-right extremism. 

Kavanaugh's confirmation was obviously a setback. But we've won numerous battles against far-right reactionaries in the last year. And, I'm confident we'll win many more in the years ahead.