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SPLC Action Fund: Legislation Would Regulate Use of Restraints on Florida Students

The Florida Senate Education Committee today voted 8-0 to approve Senate Bill 62, which would regulate use of restraints for children at school. The following statement is by Bacardi Jackson, senior supervising attorney for the SPLC Action Fund:
“Florida law that governs seclusion and restraint of children at school needs a crucial update. SB 62 improves every district’s capacity to protect both students and educators in schools across Florida. SB 62 eliminates dangerous and sometimes deadly forms of restraint, requires educators to be better trained to handle challenging behaviors, and improves state oversight and accountability regarding the use of restraints. These changes would help ensure all students can learn in safe and welcoming environments, and that all education stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities on school campuses.
“We hope legislators will amend the language to also limit the use of chemical and other forms of hazardous restraints and clearly identify the types of school personnel who should—and should not—perform restraints.”