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SPLC Statement on College Board’s Final Framework for African American Studies Course

FLORIDA – The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) issued the following statement from Bacardi Jackson, interim deputy legal director for the Children’s Rights Practice Group, in response to the College Board’s final framework for the African American Studies Advanced Placement course. The framework was revised after Gov. Ron DeSantis and his administration rejected an earlier version that included the perspectives of Black writers on intersectionality and racial justice movements.

“We are deeply disappointed that Gov. Ron DeSantis’ relentless pursuit of a dangerous anti-Black and anti-LGBTQ+ agenda continues to undermine our public school system. Florida has become a litmus test to determine the extent to which the nation will allow white supremacist ideology to infect our schools.

“Our students, nation and democracy lose when politicians are allowed to invade the province of academia and alter coursework and reading lists. We cannot afford for academic gatekeepers like the College Board to falter in the face of such tyranny. And we cannot allow academic integrity to be eroded by the same political tides that history teaches us led to the greatest human atrocities ever recorded and that are reflected in present-day injustices. Too much is at stake.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center supports inclusive education as a tool for protecting and expanding democracy. We encourage students and educators to utilize our Learning for Justice resources, which center the full experiences of Black and Brown students. Families affected by Gov. DeSantis’ anti-inclusive school agenda are urged to contact the SPLC and join us as we work to ensure parents and children can access an uncensored, truthful and inclusive education.”