White Supremacists React With Glee to Texas Prosecutor Murders

The assassination-style killings of two prosecutors in Texas are precipitating the postings of vile, anti-Semitic, almost-gleeful public comments by assorted racists and white supremacists.

Investigators aren’t publicly commenting on who they think was responsible for last weekend’s murder of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, who were both shot repeatedly in their home, or the Jan. 31 shooting of McLelland’s assistant, prosecutor Mark Hasse, as he walked to work.  More than one gunman was believed involved in both killings, authorities say.

The two county prosecutors were involved in bringing criminal cases against members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT) and assisting federal prosecutors who brought a massive indictment last November against 34 key members of the white supremacist prison gang. The indictment accuses the ABT of carrying out murders, attempted murders, conspiracies, arsons, assaults, robberies and drug trafficking as part of an enterprise that goes back to at least 1993.

Before he was murdered, McLelland speculated in an interview with The Associated Press that white supremacists could have been responsible for Hasse’s killing. “We put some real dents in the Aryan Brotherhood around here in the past year,” McLelland told the AP, CNN reported today.

While no white supremacist gang or organization has claimed credit for the killings, there is a lot of laughing and backslapping going on in racist circles over what most people consider shocking and chilling crimes.

On Stormfront, the nation’s largest racist, neo-Nazi internet forum, a poster named “Magog” found comfort in the idea that white supremacists might be responsible.  “If so, I really like their style,” he wrote. “Covert in the shadows make sure no one sees a thing…”

Elsewhere on Stormfront and another racist site, Vanguard News Network (VNN), racists’ comments suggested Hasse “looked like a Jew.” After his killing, a poster identified only as “John from Canada” wrote: “I don't even care so much about the dead man's ethnicity. I would like to think that WN (white nationalists) were responsible and we’ll see more of this.”

“I believe that White traitors are a bigger enemy than the Jew,” the poster wrote.   “The Jew is just a parasite doing what nature designed him to do. The traitor is an opportunist of the lowest order, betraying his own blood for personal gain.”

After McLelland and his wife were gunned down Saturday evening in their Kaufmann County home, another VNN poster wrote: “Ten little prosecutors sitting down to dine, one opened the front door, and then there were nine!”

Other comments included antigovernment sentiments or used slurs to blame Mexican drug cartels.

“He was a prosecutor for the government,” a VNN poster said of Hasse. “In the 300-400 cases per year that he handled, I am more than confident he earned being shot down like a dog in a parking lot.”

In an earlier VNN forum discussion, a poster using the name “Brutus” suggested Hasse deserved to be killed because police and prosecutors are controlled by Jews.

“There are certain ‘gate keeper’ government jobs where the jew appoints only the loyalest (sic) of minions,” the poster wrote. “Prosecutors and police chiefs are two of these important ‘herd control’ positions. They have tacitly understood orders from the jew to seek out and destroy any White resistance.”

Other posters noted that a white supremacist, Evan Spencer Ebel, a 28-year-old Denver parolee, has been linked to the killing of Colorado prison chief Tom Clement, shot when he answered the door at his Monument, Colo., home on March 19.

Two days after the shooting in Colorado, Ebel died in a shootout with sheriff’s deputies following a high-speed chase in north Texas. That occurred about 100 miles from Kaufman County, and authorities still haven’t said why Ebel was in Texas or if he had accomplices.

A Stormfront poster, “StatesRightsLover,” noted Ebel’s connection to the white supremacy movement and said: “I’m shedding no tears. No such thing as a good government official.”

Other posters directed their Internet venom at Mexicans and Jews.

A poster identified as  “14words_of_truth,” wrote on Stormfront on Tuesday: “Mexican criminal alien invaders are in the Federal Union because of Federal Judges; it would be a real shame if those same Mexican criminals began assassinating those same Federal Judges.”

In the same Stormfront thread, poster “hang_them_high” wrote: “If your [sic] so bad ass go take out the jews in your state. Get it done no reason to wait. I would think of buying land in any state that was jew free. Tar and feather and hang jew bankers for Jesus. Freedom!”