Tristan Broussard’s employer, a national, Mississippi-based finance company, demanded that he dress and be treated as a woman. The transgender man refused and was fired.

In a court ruling obtained by the SPLC – and cited by the White House – a New Jersey judge ruled it was consumer fraud to misrepresent homosexuality as a disorder while marketing conversion therapy.

The Department of Labor is expanding access to visas that provide protection for victims of trafficking and certain crimes in the workplace – offenses that are common in SPLC cases involving immigrant workers.

Florida prosecutes more children in the adult criminal justice system than any other state – 10,000 over the last five years. The head of the SPLC’s Florida office explains why reform is needed.

The SPLC urged U.S. Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina to seek reform of the H-2 guest worker program used to import workers who claim in a new SPLC lawsuit that they were abused by a prominent employer in Graham’s state.

The Department of Justice filed a brief in Diamond v. Owens, et al. arguing that the Eighth Amendment mandates individualized assessment and care for gender dysphoria.

A community advocate in the SPLC’s Louisiana office helps a young Honduran immigrant who fled to the United States after witnessing a murder and being threatened by the defendant. 

Foreign workers at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina were charged recruitment, travel and housing fees that pushed their wages below the minimum required under the H-2B guest worker program.

President Obama’s visit to Alabama today to discuss proposals to rein in predatory lenders underscores the need to regulate an industry the SPLC has found traps low-income  people in a crushing cycle of debt.

The SPLC today launches a series of reports about the activities, principals and funders of Stormfront, the Internet’s largest white supremacist website.