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WND ‘Comedienne’ Warns of ‘Liberal’-Infested Ghettos

In recent weeks, a Microsoft cell phone app that helps people use GPS to avoid high-crime areas has prompted a nationwide discussion about race, class and prejudice.

Some praise the “avoid the ghetto app,” as the product has been unofficially dubbed, as a handy safety measure. Others worry it will reinforce false assumptions about race and violent crime. “In much of dominant American culture, there's an assumption that criminality and being poor and not white go hand in hand,” Sarah Chinn, author of Technology and the Logic of American Racism, told National Public Radio on Jan. 25.

D.J. Dolce discussed the app on today’s installation of Illuminati Pictures’ “comedy” show “News! News!,” a regular feature on Joseph Farah’s far-right online publication WorldNetDaily.

“I don’t know why you need a GPS app for that; just avoid the blue areas on a political district map,” she said. “Everybody knows that police and military live in the red section; and the blue section is crime.”

Right. People who live in ghettos are liberals, and liberals are criminals. And we all know who lives in ghettos.

Sigh. It seems like only yesterday that we blogged about “Gates of Hell,” a propaganda piece supporting the utterly false notion that abortion is a vicious plot to destroy black America, released by Illuminati Pictures in honor of Black History Month.

It seems like only yesterday because it was only yesterday. But as a wise man once said, the past is a foreign country. Yesterday’s gone. The times, they have a-changed, and Illuminati Pictures has changed with them.

Changed back, that is. Illuminati Pictures is an ultraconservative outfit that specializes in agitprop targeting the “under-40 demographic.” Its founder is wedding videographer-turned-conservative firebrand Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, who made a name for himself in 2008 with his “Video Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama,” an online offering that accused then-candidate Obama of being a racist, Marxist and anti-Semite “discipled” in “quasi-Christianity,” and asked “[W]hen we are at war with Islam can Americans elect a man with not one, not two, but three Islamic names?”

Mitchell, who is married to Dolce, is a birther who supported a draconian Ugandan bill that would have made homosexuality a capital offense and called the National Council of La Raza “the Tan Klan.”

It’s easy to see why Mitchell and Dolce fell for each other. In 2010, the “comedienne” declared that those who believe LGBT people should be able to adopt or even babysit are “walking proof that homosexuality is a mental disorder.” In a “comedic” anti-gay rant delivered the next year, she endorsed the repulsive and thoroughly disproven theory that gays were responsible for the Holocaust. “First you let them do their own thing in a corner – ‘Ah, they'll be OK.’ Next thing you know, they're marching in the streets. You keep looking the other way, and then one day, boom, they throw you in an oven.”

Referring to a book by the gay-basher Scott Lively, which lays out in detail the absurd gays-as-Nazis notion, she continued, “You can ‘ooh’ all you want, but you've obviously not read The Pink Swastika.”

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