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Ann Coulter Attends VDARE Christmas Party – Her Second White Nationalist Event In Three Months

Ann Coulter, an infamous far-right attack dog who has spent years attacking the left, was at the Christmas party of a racist anti-immigration group earlier this month — the second such event she has attended since September.

On Dec. 9, Coulter made her way to the party hosted by VDARE, a white nationalist website founded by English immigrant Peter Brimelow. The site — which is named after Virginia Dare, said to be the first white child born in the New World — focuses on opposing non-white immigration into the United States, but has also published the writings of anti-Semites.

VDARE’s list of contributors, in fact, is akin to a Rolodex of the most prominent pseudo-intellectual racists and anti-Semites. They include names like Jared Taylor, who once wrote that black people are incapable of sustaining any kind of civilization; Kevin MacDonald, a retired professor who wrote a trilogy claiming that Jews are genetically driven to undermine the Christian societies they often live in; and the late Sam Francis, a white nationalist ideologue who wrote several key racist books.

Brimelow, along with Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer, who heads a racist think tank called the National Policy Institute, is very much part of the so-called Alt-Right. The Alt-Right is basically a rebranding of white racial nationalism for public relations purposes.

In 2014, white nationalist John Ellis reported that Coulter attended that year’s VDARE party, but those claims were unconfirmed. There can be no mistake about her appearance at this year’s however. At the event, Coulter granted an impromptu interview with another English white nationalist and regular VDARE contributor John Derbyshire.

Derbyshire joined VDARE after being fired by the National Review in 2012 for writing a racist screed in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting titled, “The Talk: Nonblack Version.” The article, presented as a talk from a white parent to their child included lines like, “A small cohort of blacks –– in my experience, around five percent –– is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us.” It also included tips like, “If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date.”

Ann Coulter with white nationalist James Edwards, who runs the white nationalist radio show “The Political Cesspool," at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (Source: American Third Position)

Derbyshire asked Coulter about the odds of Kris Kobach — the Kansas secretary of state known for his ferocious opposition to immigration and also for his support of various voter-suppression schemes — being appointed deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Coulter responded, “He doesn’t want to take it.” Derbyshire pushed her: “Do you have that authoritatively?” She responded, “Yes. And I’ve threatened to dig up his grave.” At the end of the brief interview, Coulter lamented, “If Kobach isn’t running things … there’s no second term, there’s no country.”

Kris Kobach is the Kansas secretary of state, but also as a lawyer for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which was group founded by white nationalist John Tanton. Kobach and IRLI are responsible for drafting some of America’s harshest anti-immigrant laws and is a nativist champion.

Following his talk with Coulter, Derbyshire interviewed John Miano, a fellow at another Tanton-founded anti-immigrant “think tank,” the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

The VDARE appearance is Coulter’s second at a white nationalist event in recent months. In September, she spoke to the annual “Writers Workshop” event put on by the anti-immigrant and white nationalist publishing house The Social Contract Press (TSCP), an event that Kobach spoke at in 2015. TSCP is a Michigan-based publishing house that routinely puts out race-baiting articles penned by well-known white nationalists. It is a program of U.S. Inc., a foundation also created by Tanton.

TSCP has spent years pushing the myth that Latino activists want to occupy and "reclaim" the American Southwest. It has argued that no Muslim immigrants should be allowed into the United States. And it has claimed that multiculturalists are trying to replace “successful Euro-American culture” with “dysfunctional Third World cultures.” Its editor is Wayne Lutton, a longtime member of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, which inspired the Charleston mass murderer Dylann Roof. Also on staff is well-known white supremacist Kevin Lamb, who was fired in 2005 by Human Events and the Evans-Novak Political Report over his extremist activities.

Coulter’s appearance at the VDARE event caps an 18-month period in which her flirtation with white nationalism became a full embrace. Her book Adios America contains citations from a number of extremists, including Brimelow, Robert Spencer and Fjordman, a Norwegian anti-Muslim blogger known for inspiring Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 of his countrymen who he thought were enabling Muslim immigration into his country.

During an interview with Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV in May 2015, Coulter called Mexican culture “deficient” and went on to claim that part of Mexican culture includes “uncles raping their nieces.” Coulter was also pictured enjoying a laugh with James Edwards, the host of the racist “Political Cesspool” radio show, at the 2016 Republican Convention.

What next for Coulter? Perhaps a speaking engagement at Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance gathering or one of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute events? She certainly wouldn’t be out of place at either.

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