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Kevin Lamb

Kevin Lamb has been contributing to white nationalist publishing since the early 1990s. He has worked in an editorial capacity for multiple branches of Eagle Publishing, including The Occidental Quarterly. He currently serves as the managing editor of The Social Contract magazine, and is a regular contributor to the white nationalist website VDARE. 

About Kevin Lamb

In His Own Words:
“This [New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina] is a racial tale in black and white. Once again, despite the deluge of negative images of whites and positive images of blacks emanating from Hollywood, media images from the real world feed into implicit stereotypes of whites as cooperative, efficient, and self-reliant. At the same time the images from Katrina … continue to feed into the negative stereotypes that whites have of blacks. … Reality intrudes on the constant propaganda emanating from the liberal media.”
 – “A Tale of Two Disasters (in Black and White): New Orleans vs. Fargo,” The Occidental Observer, March 7, 2009

“As one who served as a Marine reservist, the bedrock traits that characterize a Marine – an all for one and one for all mindset that abandons individualism and sub-cultural identities – are anathema to homosexuality. Aside from the destructive promiscuities of homosexuals, the homosexual subculture (a group insulated by political correctness as a protected civil right) defies assimilation. It creates ‘circles within circles’ – homosexuals look after their own (promote, defend, and advance) when opportunities arise. It would ultimately erode the cohesion that has defined the effectiveness of the Marine Corps.”
– “The Marine Corps and ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’” VDARE, Nov. 22, 2010

Kevin Lamb is the managing editor of the anti-immigrant magazine The Social Contract. He served as managing editor of Human Events, a conservative weekly, from 2002 until 2005, when the SPLC alerted Thomas Winter, the editor in chief, to Lamb’s ties to The Occidental Quarterly, a white nationalist journal devoted to the idea that as whites become a minority, “the civilization and free governments that whites have created” will be jeopardized. He simultaneously lost his post as managing editor for the now-defunct Evans-Novak Political Report. Lamb left The Occidental Quarterly in September 2007 following what he describes as an “editorial purge.” His writing regularly appears on the white nationalist website VDARE. He has also served as a communications director for the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank founded by William Regnery II. Regnery founded the Charles Martel Society, which publishes The Occidental Quarterly.

Lamb received an undergraduate degree in journalism and a master’s degree in political science from Indiana University. He served in the Marine Corps Reserves from 1981 until 1986. 

Lamb is an outspoken opponent of “radical egalitarianism,” which he defined in a Sept. 22, 2005, article on VDARE as, “the belief that there are no natural differences between human groups.” He has steadfastly written against the idea of multiculturalism in America, often veering into a defense of flawed, eugenics-influenced studies such as Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. Lamb has published articles in Mankind Quarterly, a eugenics journal.

In 2002, Lamb edited a book on the late Glayde Whitney, a behavioral geneticist and psychology professor who supported research on eugenics, entitled Race, Genetics & Society: Glayde Whitney on the Scientific and Social Policy Implications of Racial Differences. Whitney had ties to longtime Klan leader David Duke and wrote a glowing introduction to Duke’s autobiography, My Awakening.

Lamb also helped the late Samuel T. Francis, a key white nationalist intellectual who died in 2005, assemble, edit and publish Race and the American Prospect: Essays on the Racial Realities of Our Nation and Our Time. The collection contains essays by figures such as Wayne Lutton, the anti-gay, anti-immigrant editor of The Social Contract; Jared Taylor, the white nationalist editor of American Renaissance; Sam Dickson, a longtime Klan lawyer and member of the Council of Conservative Citizens; Kevin MacDonald, a white nationalist professor at California State University who also serves as editor for The Occidental Quarterly; and Kevin Lamb himself.

In 2007, Lamb published his own book, The Open-Borders Network: How a Web of Ethnic Activists, Journalists, Corporations, Politicians, Lawyers, and Clergy Undermine U.S. Border Security and National Sovereignty.

Although Lamb is completely entrenched in white nationalist ideology, he cloaks many of his extreme views under a veneer of academia and reporting. He frequently reviews books written by figures in the white nationalist movement, espousing their ideas and lending them both his implicit, if not overt, support and a platform from which to reach wider audiences.