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How to Get More Help

Building resilient communities, caring for victim-survivors, and intervening to prevent radicalization are collaborative efforts. No one source can currently provide all the answers. If you are worried that extremism is taking root in your community, or simply want to learn more about what you can do to help, these resources will help you on your way.

Here you will find links to organizations that provide guidance and support for the families of radicalizing individuals, and for anyone looking to exit extremist movements. You will also find materials for educators and other leaders who are responsible for ensuring that their communities are safe and welcoming environments for everyone, especially victim-survivors and those who may be targeted by extremist violence. These links also include a wealth of resources to further educate yourself about the processes of radicalization, the consequences of extremism on both perpetrators and victim-survivors, and how we can address the causes of extremism at their roots.

Jun 24