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  • Reported October 14, 2007
    Palmdale, California
    Fliers that were signed "KKK" and depicted prominent black activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton hanging from a tree were distributed in a neighborhood.
  • Reported October 14, 2007
    Oak Hall, Virginia
    Jason B. Stubbs, 35, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of defacing county and state property after he allegedly scrawled swastikas and the letters "KKK" on road signs and greenboxes.
  • Reported October 08, 2007
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Racist fliers promoting an alleged "KKK revival" were found on a high school campus.
  • Reported October 03, 2007
    Easton, Pennsylvania
    Swastikas were painted on several vehicles and the letters "KKK" were written on a sidewalk.
  • Reported October 01, 2007
    Foley, Alabama
    The letters "KKK" were scrawled across cabinets in a man's travel trailer, where a picture of a head with a rope around its neck was left.
  • Reported August 07, 2007
    Ottumwa, Iowa
    The letters "KKK" were scrawled on a residence that a black couple was planning to purchase.
  • Reported July 26, 2007
    Nazareth, Pennsylvania
    Cars in a shopping center parking lot were vandalized, some with swastikas and the letters "KKK."
  • Reported July 15, 2007
    Upper Hill, Maryland
    The letters "KKK," a Nazi symbol and a dollar sign were scrawled near an intersection.
  • Reported April 14, 2007
    Chillicothe, Ohio
    The letters "KKK" were painted on a sign marking Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway.
  • Reported February 02, 2007
    Southaven, Mississippi
    Two teens confessed to writing 'KKK' on five mailboxes and a truck in the Shelburne Estates subdivision, and pouring honey, mustard and peanut butter on mail. They also smeared ketchup on one resident's front door.
  • Reported January 28, 2007
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    A piece of paper resembling a KKK hood was placed near a Martin Luther King Jr. Week display.
  • Reported January 23, 2007
    San Francisco, California
    The letters 'KKK' were scrawled on the front door of a business.
  • Reported December 10, 2006
    Salem, South Carolina
    The letters 'KKK' and a racial epithet were spray-painted on a middle/high school gym.
  • Reported December 04, 2006
    Brockton, Massachusetts
    A large "X," two large swastikas, the letters "KKK" and racial epithets were written over a cartoon image on the back wall of a convenience store.
  • Reported December 03, 2006
    Avon Park, Florida
    The letters "KKK" were spray-painted on a couple's mailbox.
  • Reported November 27, 2006
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
    Racist graffiti and the letters 'KKK' were spray-painted on a racquetball court wall at a local park.
  • Reported November 12, 2006
    Welcome, Maryland
    Racist graffiti, including the words "white power" and the letters "KKK," were spray- painted on a road leading to the parking lot of a predominantly black church.
  • Reported October 06, 2006
    Northport, Alabama
    The letters "KKK," swastikas, and drawings of burning crosses were written on the doors of five apartments of interracial couples or white people with black friends.