The day after the church bombing

I think everyone who follows our work will be interested in this article from the Atlantic. It's about a speech given fifty years ago today -- the day after the infamous Birmingham church bombing that killed the four little girls who we remember on the Civil Rights Memorial in front of our office.

The speech was given by the late Chuck Morgan, a courageous lawyer who felt compelled to speak out about the silence of the so-called "good people" of Birmingham who had allowed the disease of racism to fester in their community.

Chuck served on our original advisory board and was a great friend. We remember his words today for they are a powerful reminder of the importance of speaking out against injustice in our time.

After Chuck passed in 2009, we put his speech (read by an actor) online with pictures from the time. Long-time SPLC board member Julian Bond, also a great friend of Chuck's, narrates it. Watch below.