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Extra! Extra! Shariah Takeover of U.S. Averted by Oklahoma Vote!

The Council on American-Islamic Relations announced yesterday that it is suing Oklahoma over a newly adopted law banning the use of international or Islamic law in state courts. Islam-fearing websites went wild. Here’s a sampling of headlines and excerpts from some of the more colorful postings Thursday:


Headline: “CAIR sues Oklahoma for banning Islamic law. Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator reacts after 70% of voters approve”


“CAIR, whose national office is in the nation's capital, describes itself as a civil-rights group, but FBI evidence points to its origin as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot Hamas, and the Justice Department designated it an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror-finance case in U.S. history.”

(Editor’s note: According to Politico, CAIR, along with 245 other unindicted co-conspirators, was never charged with a crime. In July 2009, a federal judge found that the government had violated these groups’ First Amendment rights by including their names on a publicly filed document.)

From Pamela Geller at the anti-Islam hate site, Atlas Shrugs:

Headline: “Hamas-Linked CAIR Suing Oklahoma, Wants to Impose Sharia Law. Who is funding our Destruction?”


“Just as the Ground Zero mosque revealed the true face of Islamic Supremacists to the American people and unmosqued their real goals, so too will the lawsuit being brought by the Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR against the good people of Oklahoma. … By their fruits we shall know them, and so once again, we know Islamic supremacist CAIR. …  Who is funding this lawsuit? We are talking millions here. Who is funding our destruction from within?”

From Jihad Watch:

Headline: “Hamas-linked CAIR suing to stop Oklahoma's anti-Sharia law”


“CAIR is in a hard place with this one: if they don't challenge Oklahoma's measure, the whole stealth jihad agenda could be thwarted. If they do, it could be exposed. They must be counting on their stooges and useful idiots in the government and mainstream media to do a lot of heavy lifting for them on this one.”

From Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network:

Headline: “CAIR Tips Hand; Sues OK Over Anti-Sharia Law”


“CAIR is like the ACLU that it claims to emulate, at least in some ways. Both groups push radical agendas while posturing as protectors of the persecuted. CAIR is a master at tapping into and manipulating the guilty multiculturalism that infects a lot of newsrooms and government agencies in order to get the coverage or policy changes it seeks.”

From BareNakedIslam (Motto: “It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”):

Headline: Terrorist Front Group CAIR to sue Oklahoma over ban on Shari’a Law


“We knew this was coming.”

From Islamization Watch:

Headline: “CAIR sues Oklahoma for banning Islamic Shari'a law - Hmm...”


“It is clear they want to take over the USA!! Another dictatorial Islamic nation to call their own!!”

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