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Farrakhan Assails the ‘Murderer in the White House’

Some spiritual leaders distinguish themselves by speaking truth to power. Louis Farrakhan, head of the black separatist hate group Nation of Islam (NOI), instead harangues it with deluded half-truths and hate-laced rhetoric. Lately, his rage has been piqued by U.S. intervention on behalf of Libya’s opposition – whose embattled dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, is a long-time benefactor of NOI.

Speaking at a press conference today near the United Nations building in New York City, Farrakhan showed yet again that he considers no institution too powerful to take on. “What has Muammar Qaddafi done to deserve what this united coalition of demons is putting on him?” he said, according to The Associated Press. President Obama, “surrounded by people who are Zionist-controlled or Zionist,” is making a terrible mistake and putting himself on the wrong side of history, he declared.

Remarkably, this is not the worst thing Farrakhan has said about the nation’s first black president. “We voted for our Brother Barack. Beautiful human being with a sweet heart. And now, he’s an assassin,” he declared in Harlem’s Salem United Methodist Church last month, pausing for the applause of the 500 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) members in the audience. (The ACLC is affiliated with the Unification Church, a Christian-based new religion founded by Korean clergyman Rev. Sun Myung Moon. NOI and the Unification Church have worked together before, most notably on Farrakhan’s “Million Family March” in 2000.) You’ve been deceived. You talk about a man killing his own people when you lied to the American people, saying that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. When you lie and then take innocent young men who have come to serve their country and send them to Iraq and Afghanistan over lies. That’s a murderer in the White House. Who will say it? I will!”

Farrakhan could practically have been reading from the notes he used during a Chicago press conference two months ago. “Now this man Barack, he had a good heart. We all fell in love with him during the campaign. Not the same man today. … The people that surrounded him, engulfed him,” he said in late March. “The stupid mistake that we make is to think that the president is the supreme power. Never was. Money is the power in America. … All of you know what I’m talking about, Zionist control of the government of the United States of America.”

Also at the ACLC gathering – and in March, and many times between – he prophesied that the end times are near. Casting himself as a divine prophet, he proclaimed: “You heard me say in a press conference a few weeks ago that what you heard last year, which was the worst year in weather, I said this one would be even worse. And here it is. When I speak, it just comes to pass, because I’m not here of myself.”

He continued: “I charge you to go back to your churches and preach an unadulterated gospel. … Be callers to the right way as you reject that which Christ will reject in his kingdom. And if we do that, New York, and spread this gospel to pastors everywhere, in the twinkling of an eye we’ll make a new people and we’ll begin to produce a new world. And that father who was in heaven that wants his kingdom to come to earth, we will be the ones to bring it.”

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