Hatewatch Headlines – 4/4/14

ThinkProgress: Mississippi Legislature passes ‘religious liberty’ bill that legalizes discrimination against LGBT people.

Miami Herald: Sex offender tried to burn down trailer home because he despises lesbian couple.

Post-Dispatch (St. Louis): Missouri House once again passes bill that would ‘nullify’ federal gun laws within the state.

News-Journal (Longview, TX): ‘Longview patriots’ may pick up the $16,000 tab arising from city’s cancellation of Ted Nugent performance.

MSNBC.com: Radical pastor Scott Lively on the campaign trail in Massachusetts calls President Obama a ‘radical homosexualist’.

ADL.org: FAIR board member Frosty Woolridge gives interview to website of anti-Semitic Rense radio program.

Right Wing Watch: Two Tea Party senatorial candidates court the blessing of far-right nativist organization ALIPAC.