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Hatewatch Headlines 10/13/2015

Charges filed against Confederate flag bullies; SCV doesn’t want MLK memorial on Stone Mountain; Columbus Day inspires outpouring of hate; and more.

New York Times: Prosecutor wins indictments for 15 Confederate flag wavers on gang charges in confrontation with black group.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia chapter of SCV objects to proposal to place Martin Luther King Jr. memorial atop Stone Mountain.

Salon: Fox News, Trump and Limbaugh embolden white supremacists on Twitter to spew nauseating Columbus Day hate.

Talking Points Memo: Local militia reportedly wants to stop white supremacist Craig Cobb from taking over their Nebraska town.

Right Wing Watch: Pamela Geller warns that the ‘jihadi in the White House’ is the ‘most dangerous man in the world.’

Raw Story: Watch a Confederate battle flag activist explain why it’s ‘anti-Semitic’ to remove the racist symbol from Mississippi’s state flag.

Idaho Statesman: Twitter erupts after Boise mayoral candidate expresses concern about ‘blight’ of refugees and their ‘dialects.’

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