Hatewatch Headlines 3/17/2017

National anxiety over race relations reaches all-time high; Anti-LGBT hate group to represent U.S. at women’s event; Jewish-center threats probed as hate crimes; and more.

Gallup: Americans’ worries about race relations are at a record high.

Media Matters: Reuters Foundation exposes an anti-LGBT hate group’s selection to represent U.S. at United Nations women’s event.

Talking Points Memo: Trump aide Sebastian Gorka denies belonging to group tied to wartime Nazi ally.

Mother Jones: Stephen Bannon is a fan of a French philosopher – who was an anti-Semite and Nazi supporter.

Associated Press: Feds investigate threats to Jewish centers in Minnesota as hate crimes.

Post and Courier (Charleston, SC): Rural South Carolina investigators still puzzling over motive for murder of Indian shop owner.

Think Progress: Top athletes, including Martina Navratilova, take a stand against Texas’ anti-LGBT ‘bathroom bill.’

Salon: Gavin McInness devolves from right-wing ‘men’s rights’ provocateur to the neo-Nazi fringe.

Huffington Post: California chief justice warns feds to quit ‘stalking’ undocumented immigrants in courthouses.

Phoenix New Times: What happens to U.S. citizen kids when their undocumented parents are deported?

KXLY-TV (Spokane, WA): Anti-Semitic and racist signs – including ‘Refugees Not Welcome’ – found at community building.

Raw Story: New York chiropractor arrested for racist threats – ‘Niggers don’t belong in my neighborhood’ – against child.

Right Wing Watch: Wayne Allyn Root thinks Hillary Clinton should get the death penalty for treason.