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Hatewatch Headlines 9/15/2017

Facebook helped advertisers reach anti-Semites; Trump resurrects his ‘both sides’ claim; White supremacists have been claiming Trump’s name; and more.

Pro Publica: Facebook enabled advertisers to reach ‘Jew haters.’

New York Times: Trump resurrects his claim that ‘both sides’ share blame in Charlottesville violence.

Washington Post: White supremacists have been marching in President Trump’s name — literally.

Raw Story: Black GOP senator says Trump won’t be having an ‘epiphany’ about white supremacists.

Talking Points Memo: Trump’s ‘betrayal’ on DACA sends anti-immigration hardliner over the edge.

Mother Jones: GOP congressman claims Charlottesville’s deadly white nationalist rally was a left-wing setup.

Think Progress: ESPN tried to kick off Jemele Hill after calling Trump a racist, but her colleagues wouldn’t permit it.

Right Wing Watch: Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ commission just had a deeply embarrassing week.

Los Angeles Times: Trump’s move to end DACA has roots in America’s long, shameful history of eugenics.

Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Poll finds some Americans express troubling racial attitudes even as majority oppose white supremacists.

Task & Purpose: Marine booted from Corps for flying white-nationalist banner amid crackdown on extremism. Far right, not Islam, drives most extremist violence in region and elsewhere.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): After story breaks, Motel 6 says it will stop sharing guest lists with ICE.

Alvin McEwen: Family Research Council’s newest symbol of SPLC persecution is yet another fraud.

Houston Chronicle: University of Houston student reports neo-Nazi propaganda posters on campus.

Columbus Republic (IN): Shrugging off its hate group label, Traditionalist Workers Party recruits in Indiana.

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