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Hatewatch Headlines 10/5/2017

Americans’ views of terrorism are horribly skewed; Inside a white nationalist gathering; Scalise to speak at anti-LGBT convention; and more.

Think Progress: America has a skewed perception of what qualifies as terrorism.

Vox: White American men are a bigger domestic-terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners.

Salon: With no Muslims to blame, Donald Trump the Twitter troll falls silent about Vegas.

The Stranger: We snuck into Seattle’s super-secret white-nationalist convention.

Talking Points Memo: Federal judge accepts Trump’s pardon of ex-Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

JoeMyGod: Steve Scalise, whose life was saved by married lesbian cop, to speak at national anti-LGBT ‘Values Voters’ summit.

Huffington Post: Charlottesville resident warns America that white supremacism still plagues her city.

Media Matters: Right-wing media promote Ed Gillespie’s anti-immigrant ad, which is based on nativist myths.

Right Wing Watch: GOP congressmen talk Christian judges, ‘dangerous’ refugees at ACT for America briefing.

The Murfreesboro Post (TN): Two men accused of defacing mosque with ‘Fuck Allah’ graffiti plead not guilty.

Pinal Central (AZ): Anti-Semitic hate crimes in Arizona are on the increase, especially around Scottsdale.

Raw Story: Sex offender arrested for threats against Howard students, saying ‘It’s not murder if they’re black.’

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