Hatewatch Headlines 1/17/2018

Stormer targets children as young as 11; White House terrorism data stirs debate; Parrish offers Minnesota voters a virulently anti-Muslim choice; and more.

Newsweek: Neo-Nazi website ‘The Daily Stormer’ is ‘designed to target children’ as young as 11 for radicalization, editor claims.

Wired: Why Cloudflare let an extremist stronghold burn.

CNN: Neo-Nazi ‘troll storm’ was crude but not a threat, Andrew Anglin argues.

New York Times: The White House fuels immigration debate with controversial terrorism statistics.

Media Matters: Fox News uses flawed data from DOJ to fearmonger about immigrants.

Vice: This is what a white-supremacist Department of Justice looks like, thanks to Jeff Sessions.

Salon: White supremacists to Trump: Welcome back, we still love you.

City Pages (Minneapolis, MN): Meet Phillip Parrish, your virulently anti-Muslim candidate for governor.

Washington Post: Ku Klux Klan flyers, and the hatred they represent, can’t simply be ignored.

Knoxville News-Sentinel (TN): Neo-Nazi suspect in Knoxville police officer shooting was arrested after starting house fire.

Roanoke Times (VA): More plaintiffs join in rally-related lawsuits against far-right ‘Unite the Right’ organizers.

Daily Beast: Army hero defiant after surviving brutal gay-bashing attack in El Paso.

AL.com: University of Alabama investigates sorority member’s racist video: ‘We do not waste water.’

KBMT-TV (Beaumont, TX): Racial slurs left on T-shirt stretched over Newton resident’s mailbox.

Mother Jones: Black Lives movement pioneer has a story to tell.

Independent (UK): I work for an anti-extremist organization, and this is the difference between neo-Nazi and Islamist propaganda.

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