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Hatewatch Headlines 5/8/2018

Abortion clinics face surge of attacks; Sessions says border agents will separate kids; Kansas man who shot Indian worker gets life in prison; and more.

Associated Press: U.S. abortion clinics face a surge of trespassing incidents and blockades.

AlterNet: AG Jeff Sessions says border agents will separate undocumented kids from their families.

Right Wing Watch: Anti-abortion groups push for Trump to target Planned Parenthood.

Media Matters: Proud Boys founder McInnes says ‘by every metric, men have it worse’ than women.

Think Progress: White supremacist Richard Spencer is on a really bad run.

New York Times: Kansas man who fatally shot Indian immigrant in restaurant sentenced to life in prison.

Washington Post: Lawyers for man charged with hate-crime murder seek to ban ‘offensive’ evidence.

Arizona Republic: Fatal attack on interracial couple in Phoenix park by neo-Nazi Thomas Ricci heads to trial.

Sacramento Bee (CA): Three anti-Nazi activists face felony charges in 2016 melee, while one white supremacist is still jailed.

New Statesman: A whiter shade of hate: The long history of the American radical right.

Oregonian: Defense for neo-Nazi couple claims black man they ran over with truck had a violent past too.

Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY): White nationalist who pushed woman at Trump rally could lose his probation.

Knoxville News-Sentinel (KY): Five ‘sovereign citizens’ found guilty of waging paper war against regional officials.

Charlotte Observer (NC): Marine featured in report on violent white supremacists has Charlotte roots.

Dayton Daily News (OH): Two men sentenced for targeting, assaulting gay men found through Grindr app.

Center for Research on Extremism: How the Defend Europe campaign and Identitarian movements have made gains.

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