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Hatewatch Headlines 7/13/2018

Trump says UK ‘losing its culture’ to migrants; Facebook can’t explain Infowars’ presence; Masculinity a key to white supremacism; and more.

The Sun: Donald Trump slams immigration in Europe, says the UK is ‘losing its culture.’

Daily Beast: A racist tweet reignites Trump’s feud with London’s Muslim mayor.

Politico: Bannon hosts Europopulists in London ahead of Trump’s visit.

CNN: Facebook touts its fight against fake news, but can’t explain why Infowars still is treated as legitimate.

Mother Jones: You can’t understand white supremacists without looking at masculinity.

The Forward: These nine candidate all have ties to white nationalists – and they are all Republican.

The Hill: Oregon ranchers pardoned by Trump fly home on Pence donor’s private jet.

Vice: The GOP is accusing abuse victims of being part of the ‘Deep State.’

Media Matters: Alex Jones is still using an anti-trans slur after claiming Facebook will ban him for it.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Justice Department to reopen Emmett Till slaying case after ‘new information’ surfaces.

Think Progress: Does getting white supremacists fired from their jobs really change anything?

Miami Herald: The chief wanted perfect stats, so Biscayne cops were told to pin crimes on black people.

Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, TN): Man charged with hate crime assault for severely beating gay man.

Phoenix New Times (AZ): How a prosecutor’s gaffe gave neo-Nazi and accused killer Travis Ricci a mistrial. Huntsville police so far aren’t charging men who posted video of themselves driving around planning to shoot blacks.

Reuters: South Carolina white supremacist sentenced to three years in prison on gun charge.

Raw Story: Massachusetts bus driver fired after refusing to pick up a black passenger.

BuzzFeed: Someone in Ohio called police on a black family delivering newspapers.

News and Observer (Raleigh, NC): Downtown Raleigh mural defaced with racist messages referencing slavery.

Right Wing Watch: Liz Crokin claims that Trump confirmed existence of a video showing Hillary Clinton torturing a child.

AlterNet: Why are poor whites more depressed and pessimistic than poor black Americans?

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