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Hatewatch Headlines 10/30/2018

Gab won’t be gone for very long; Antisemitic incidents were already on the rise; MAGAbomber kept a list of potential targets; and more.

Talking Points Memo: Gab, the cesspool of hate where Pittsburgh shooter dwelled, won’t be gone for long.

Washington Post: Antisemitic incidents were on the rise around America even before synagogue shooting.

Huffington Post: ‘MAGAbomber’ suspect kept a list of potential targets, official says.

CNN: Pittsburgh shooting suspect echoed right-wing talking point that dominated Fox News airwaves.

Vox: The conspiracy theory that led to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, explained.

American Prospect: The hate at the heart of power: How the president sends out a call to hate.

Salon: This is Trump’s America: Slaughter in Pittsburgh, racist killings at Kroger, and the MAGAbomber.

Politico: Social media’s hate problem.

Bustle: What Americans think of Trump and white supremacy, according to a new poll.

Mother Jones: U.S. government-funded news network ran hit piece on Soros that called him a ‘multimillionaire Jew.’

PennLive: Our political violence problem: It won’t end with the arrest of the pipe bomber.

The Hill: Another suspicious package mailed to CNN’s offices in Atlanta.

Juan Cole: Does anti-Muslimism enable anti-Semitism?

Media Matters: Tucker Carlson’s slow, gradual descent into white nationalism: a timeline.

Pacific Standard: A look into the evidence that lone-wolf terrorists actually run in packs.

Right Wing Watch: Liz Crokin theorizes that bombs sent to Democrats were actually a ‘white hat operation.’

Think Progress: Rep. Steve King says far-right European party with ties to actual Nazis ‘would be Republicans’ in the U.S.

Washington Post: ‘It’s OK to be white’ signs appear at two Vermont schools.

Raw Story: Minnesota GOP candidate accused of telling gay high school classmate he should be shot.

Daily Progress (Charlottesville, SC): Inmate charged with jailhouse assault on accused driver of car that killed Heyer.

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