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Hatewatch Headlines 12/5/2018

Facebook lets users post about killing immigrants; Is ICE targeting activists? Tomi Lahren warns about ‘caravan of diseases’; and more.

Daily Beast: Facebook lets users post about killing immigrants and minorities.

Pacific Standard: Is ICE targeting activists? Lawsuit alleges infiltration of immigrant rights group.

ProPublica: A defendant shows up in immigration court by himself. He’s six years old.

Talking Points Memo: Tomi Lahren becomes the latest to fearmonger about the ‘caravan of diseases.’

The Hill: Texas GOP platform committee member writes: ‘Damn right I’m a white nationalist.’

Phoenix New Times (AZ): Rep. David Stringer wrote a white nationalist opinion piece for a Prescott paper in 2017.

Media Matters: Laura Ingraham compares Confederate statues to priceless antiquities, and protesters to ISIS.

Oregonian: Head of Oregon FBI says bureau doesn’t designate Proud Boys as extremist group.

Associated Press: Sentencing date set for militia members in Kansas anti-Muslim bombing plot.

Washington Post: Minneapolis police decorate Christmas tree with racial stereotypes in majority-black neighborhood.

KOAT-TV (Albuquerque, NM): Teacher dressed as a voodoo witch allegedly cuts Native American student’s hair.

CBS News: Brett Favre, other celebrities tricked into taping video messages for antisemitic group.

Bellingham Herald (WA): Man suspected of hate crime over the length of another man’s hair at mall.

Slowly Boiled Frog: The most extreme anti-transgender crackpottery from Michelle Cretella to date.

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