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Ivory Dixon, Jr., Released After Over 33 Years of Incarceration

LOUISIANA—Decades after being sentenced to life without parole in Louisiana, Ivory Dixon, Jr., has been released from custody.  

“Ivory is a humble, honest, and hardworking father and grandfather,” said Emily Lubin, staff attorney at SPLC and attorney for Mr. Dixon. “I am moved by his deep devotion to his faith and family.” 

Returning to his faith while incarcerated, Mr. Dixon is a changed man who is fully rehabilitated. He took numerous courses on religion, substance abuse, and self-improvement. Mr. Dixon is selfless and introspective, assisting elderly incarcerated people at every opportunity. He also loves animals and woodworking. 

“I would love to teach children to do the right thing and stay in school and be someone in life,” Mr. Dixon said.  

Mr. Dixon will start his reentry journey at the Louisiana Parole Project, where he will learn how to successfully reintegrate into society. He has a job working in his family’s business and a housing plan. Mr. Dixon looks forward to reuniting with his large extended family and helping young people to avoid making poor life choices.  

Photo: Louisiana Parole Project