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SPLC Urges Provisional Voters in Georgia to Check Status of Ballot In-Person in Final 24 Hours Available to Them

ATLANTA – The following statement is by Poy Winichakul, staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center:
“For voters who cast provisional ballots on Tuesday, they have one day remaining to ensure those ballots are counted in the final results for this year’s elections up and down the ballot.
“To ensure a provisional ballot has been counted, voters should follow up with their county election offices. No matter what projections are made in races up and down the ballot before Friday at 5pm, they have until then to ensure their voice is heard.
“To find their county election office contact information, voters can go to:
“Because time is short, voters should go in person to their county election office if they can, and bring identification documents like a valid ID, proof of residence, or proof of name change. An official will inform the voter if their provisional ballot has been counted or if the ballot needs to be cured, or fixed, with the identification documents. If a voter cannot go in person, they should call the county election office immediately and get clarification on their ballot status and the email or fax number to send in identification documents. The deadline to complete this cure process for provisional ballots is tomorrow at 5pm.
“For any additional help, nonpartisan volunteers are available by calling 866-OUR-VOTE to aid in this process.
“Media decision desks may make projections about races before tomorrow, but voters still have the opportunity and right to ensure their ballots are included in the final tabulation. The elections this year are too important to have a ballot unnecessarily tossed.”