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Toussaint Ridgeway, Released after 29 Years of Incarceration

LOUISIANA—Decades after being sentenced to life without parole in Louisiana, Toussaint Ridgeway has been released from custody. “Toussaint is a remorseful, talented, calm, and focused father and grandfather,” said Emily Lubin, staff attorney at SPLC and attorney for Mr. Ridgeway. “He is a different person from the man who entered prison years ago. He reconnected with his faith and volunteered to make sure fellow prisoners were buried with dignity. He is fully rehabilitated after decades of incarceration and will be a valuable member of his community.”

During his incarceration, Mr. Ridgeway immersed himself in programming and became a skilled tailor and chef, inspired by his grandparents who taught him to cook many years ago. He holds a lifelong love for animals and looks forward to reuniting with his family, including his daughter and four grandchildren. 

Mr. Ridgeway began his life outside of prison at the Louisiana Parole Project, where he learned how to successfully reintegrate into society. He has a housing plan and a job in the food industry. Mr. Ridgeway hopes to get a dog to care for, garden, and read in his spare time. He plans to guide children on a positive path, sharing his journey and teaching them to avoid his mistakes. 

Photo: Louisiana Parole Project