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Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 24, 2011

Profiles of 10 leading domestic jihadists.

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
March 13, 2008

El número de grupos de odio que operan en Estados Unidos aumentó nuevamente el año pasado, alcanzando un incremento del 48% desde el 2000.

Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
July 01, 2007

SACRAMENTO, Calif .— Last December, hundreds of racist skinheads across the country received the very same Christmas card. It depicted a half-eaten cookie on a plate next to a bottle of Rebel Yell bourbon, a shot glass etched with a death's head, and stockings hung by the chimney with care.

Thomas Ryan Rousseau grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, where he attended Coppell High School. While enrolled, he was involved with The Sidekick , the Coppell High School student newspaper where he was the staff cartoonist during his senior year. He also contributed to video production and...
Formed in 2005 by longtime activist Kevin Strom, National Vanguard was a breakaway group from the neo-Nazi National Alliance, the most dominant neo-Nazi group from the 1970s until 2002, when its founder died. National Vanguard was increasing its membership and its prestige in white supremacist...
Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
September 15, 1998

Learn who's behind the far-right broadcasts creating an alternative, extremist media.

Neo-Nazi groups share a hatred for Jews and a love for Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. While they also hate other minorities, gays and lesbians and even sometimes Christians, they perceive "the Jew" as their cardinal enemy.