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Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
December 15, 1999

Extreme-right rock ‘n’ roll bands are infiltrating the “black metal” music scene in a bid to recruit youth to white supremacist causes

Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
September 15, 1998

Learn who's behind the far-right broadcasts creating an alternative, extremist media.

Formed in 2005 by longtime activist Kevin Strom, National Vanguard was a breakaway group from the neo-Nazi National Alliance, the most dominant neo-Nazi group from the 1970s until 2002, when its founder died. National Vanguard was increasing its membership and its prestige in white supremacist...
SPLC Designated Hate Group
Explicitly genocidal in its ideology, NA materials call for the eradication of the Jews and other races — what a principal foundational document describes as "a temporary unpleasantness" — and the creation of an all-white homeland. Founded by William Pierce in 1970, the group produced assassins,...
SPLC Designated Hate Group
Once a prominent voice in extremist circles, the IHR has been on the decline, unable to publish its anti-Semitic Journal of Historical Review or sponsor major international Holocaust denial conferences since 2004. The organization still runs its website, where it peddles extremist books and other...
He also served as the editor of IHR's now-defunct Journal of Historical Review from 1992 to 2000 and remains the organization's leading spokesperson, giving speeches and radio interviews to promote IHR's anti-Semitic propaganda. Weber shocked his denial colleagues in early 2009, when he published...