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Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
July 01, 2007

The San Diego Minutemen, a particularly virulent nativist group, is making a thuggish name for itself. But it is also wracked with serious internal problems.

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
April 19, 2006

As the old powerhouse labels fade, a new crop of ambitious white power music distributors springs up to replace them.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
October 14, 2004

The late founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance spent his life spurring American extremism — but his most infamous legacy is his ultra-violent race-war narrative, The Turner Diaries, which continues to inspire extremist fiction today.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
December 15, 1999

Extreme-right rock ‘n’ roll bands are infiltrating the “black metal” music scene in a bid to recruit youth to white supremacist causes

In His Own Words "Jewish influence — in the media, business, high finance, and government — has also created a domestic policy that has weakened the racial integrity of White Britain and White America through unchecked non-white immigration — not just through Mexico, but also through our airports...
SPLC Designated Hate Group
Explicitly genocidal in its ideology, NA materials call for the eradication of the Jews and other races — what a principal foundational document describes as "a temporary unpleasantness" — and the creation of an all-white homeland. Founded by William Pierce in 1970, the group produced assassins,...